Camp Vigilance California Est. 2006

Boulevard, CA 91905

Camp Vigilance is the home of the Minutemen Corps of California and field HQ for BPAUX  and invites other border security groups that would like to partake in California Border operations. It is Located on an active smuggling trail and only 2.5 miles from the Mexican border. Since April 2006, more than 1000+ illegal's have crossed through or around our camp while we are on duty.


"Camp V" is a private 8 acre, 3 building complex surrounded by 170 acres of private land in the high desert of East San Diego County. The Camp sits 3,652 feet above sea level. It features an 1856 Stagecoach depot (under renovation), a Communications Center and a Studio Apartment.






Open to all registered and vetted minutemen with ID and Private like minded citizens.



Muster schedules are available at this link:


We need members to come to the border please!  If you have not been down please make plans to be here, and make a reservation. If you would also like to be part of our regular monthly news letter email us and let us know.


Contact information:

Chapter leadership/membership information and questions may be directed to:

los Angeles chapter director: Tony Dolz, 310-371-7500, Email:

Sacramento chapter director: Mike MacKenzie 916-508-7122,

Central Coast Chapter Director: Paula James, Email:

Minuteman Corps of California, Inc.

1035 E. Vista Way #127

Vista, CA   92084

Phone: 619-766-3427 during operations

COMING to camp and want to make a reservation?

click here to fill out our online reservation information

Reservations are on a first in basis, so make them early to get a spot at camp please!  Lack of planning on your behalf does not constitute panic on our part to get you a spot! 

Let us know what your requirements, elec, water, dump, RV length, access, bunk.





We have set up various ways that you can help support Camp Vigilance thru PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to participate in any of these donations, just click on the link in the box you want and it will take you to our PayPal area where you can make your donations.  These donations help us plan our income and expenses for the up coming months, and your donations are greatly appreciated by all of us.
Subscription Plan
The Abe Lincoln Plan
A donation for as little as $15 per month is certainly WELCOME! These donations will help keep camp supplied with water, paper towels, batteries and some of the basic needs we have to keep our teams going.

Subscription Plan
Ulysses S. Grant Plan 
For a monthly donation of $50.00 there will be no fees due while you are at camp! It includes camping whenever you like, Year Round!  This includes utilities and food during all regularly scheduled musters and some special events.  
To take advantage of this great offer click the link below. 
Subscription Plan
Ronald Reagan Sponsorship
For a monthly donation of $25.00, staying at Camp Vigilance is FREE whenever you like, Year Round! Utilities are an additional $3.00/day for full RV hook-ups, and meals are at the normal low donation fee.


This monthly donation of $100.00 gets you "The Camp Vigilance VIP AWARD," which includes any charges to all special events held at Camp V, as well as all of the above and, of course, you are welcome to use the camp grounds at Camp Vigilance at your leisure with no other fees.

One Time Donations

For those of you who may not be aware, camp costs our members every month about $2200 just to keep the doors open.  Broken down to: Rent $1350, Elec. $365, Trash $125, Ins. $125, Internet $75.00, Phone $52. If you feel like getting donations for camp please do so, you can send them to the address at the end of this email please.  Please remember, these donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  If you want to have tax deductions they must be over $250.00 and special processing needs to take place. 


Please contact us by email to arrange this.  Or you can send in a check to: MCCI,

Minuteman Corps of California, Inc.

1035 E. Vista Way #127

Vista, CA   92084


We are in need of people to do FUNDRAISING EVENTS!  Please step up to the platform and throw your name into the hat for this, Camp runs on $$$, and we need your help in all of our funding efforts.


We offer the following camping facilities:  Full RV hookups (6), Inside bunks room (4+), tent area 100+, 20 Dry RV Hookups.

RV 20-25/day + $3.00/DAY electric, Tenting $10/day Bunk House $10/day, dinners $7.00 each per person or $20.00 for the whole weekend, Sunday Breakfast is usually about $4.00. 

We can also provide FREE dry storage for your RV or travel trailer for members of MCCI or BPAUX only!  So now when gas is so high, and storage costs for parking your RV or trailer are well over $100.00+ a month, you can park your RV or trailer at camp in the DRY storage area, then drive down in to camp in your "Smart Car" and avoid paying the storage fees and high gas prices.  We will have a on-site caretaker who will be watching over the property also. Plus you can get this if you attend at least one muster per quarter!  What a deal, you can also come down to camp and enjoy the camp on off weekends and only pay the regular hookup fees.  Contact us for more information on this.

For security purposes, have your Minuteman ID or ID# handy when you enter the property as you may be challenged to provide it before you continue into the camp area. This is for everyone's safety and security.


Please take the time to make reservations, it makes planning meals a lot easier for all of us!


Directions from San Diego/8 East:
Take Interstate 8 East
Exit Crestwood/Live Oak Springs Road
Right on Church Rd., take Church Rd, to end, Left on Highway 94, then about 2 miles on your right,
Right turn at the Sacred Rocks Reserve RV Park sign, then about 3/4 mile to our white gate, just past Sacred Rocks Reserve on your Left, please drive slow on this road, speed limit is 15 mph!

LOOK FOR THE BIG FLAG ON THE LEFT! It is NOT inside Sacred Rocks Reserve.

Directions from El Centro or desert area: Take Interstate 8 East to Crestwood exit, "Acorn Casino" make a left at the end of the ramp, take Live Oak Springs road 1/2 mile to Church road and make a right. If you go past the casino you have gone to far. Take Church Rd, to end, Left on Highway 94, then about 2 miles on your right, Right turn at the Sacred Rocks Reserve RV Park sign, then about 3/4 mile to our white gate, just past Sacred Rocks Reserve on your Left, please drive slow on this road, speed limit is 15 mph! Look for the big American flag on the flag pole!

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 1331 Shasta Way #B, Boulevard CA. 91905





Accommodations in the area:

Pine Valley Inn Motel
(619) 473-8560 28944 Old Highway 80
Pine Valley CA 15.2 miles
$60 week night, $70 weekend

Alpine Country Cottages Motel
(619) 445-3448 2635 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine CA 23 miles
$70 night Two night minimum on weekends

Country Inn by Ayres Alpine (40 miles away)
1251 Tavern Rd
Alpine, CA
Phone: 619-445-5800
Price: $100.0 - $109.00

On there are eight motels listed in El Cajon ranging from $50 to $87 a night. It is further away but might have to be used if people cannot find other accommodations.

Gear to bring (if you have them)
This is the high desert. Our operational area is at 3,557 ft above sea level. Warm
! days Cool Nights.
Camera, Video camera, Binoculars, personal items,
Personal Food and Water ( very limited local stores/restaurants) We provide excellent evening meals and Sunday brunch at camp for a small donation.
Extra Water. Recommended consumption in the day is 1 liter per hour.
Flashlight with batteries (preferably red lens)
Layers of clothing. warm during the day (70-95). Cool at night(50-60)
Desert boots & Foot warmers for your shoes( Coleman makes some really good ones and they are cheap)
Lawn Chair, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Sleeping Bag & blankets, Hat, Chap-stick
Night vision binoculars (if you have them) Don't waste your money on Generation 1 Night Vision. You will be disappointed. We have several Generation 3 NVG's for use and a Thermal Vision Scope. If you are compelled to buy your own send an email to He will hook you up with an incredible Minuteman rate. He also has body armor and other assorted gear if you are so inclined.
Minuteman ID (if you haven’t received we will make you one at registration)
Cell Phone
Book or Magazines
Sidearm (recommended not required)
First Aid Kit

IF you must bring your pet, remember it must be on a short leash at all times!

Just a Reminder
No children are allowed. You must be a minimum of 18 years old participate.
If you plan to bring your pet, you must keep them restrained (cage, leash, etc..) HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting your dog vaccinated for rattlesnake bites with booster (see your local vet) and rattlesnake proofing

No Full Camouflage Clothing per the SOP. NO camouflage shirts or jackets please. Border Patrol and National Guard has advised us that anyone in full camouflage or camouflage uppers will be considered hostile. The media focuses on the camouflage and loves to portray us as a bunch of gun toting red-neck militia. Obviously we are not. Let’s not give them anything to use. In our locale, tan clothing is all the camouflage you need.

No display of long arms, rifles or shotguns. Side arms are for personal protection only and must remain holstered at all times. No round in the chamber. STATE LAW PROVIDES FOR LEGAL OPEN CARRY OF SIDE ARMS ON GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE LAND. Observe all State, Federal and Local laws when it comes to firearms.

Many of you have served on the border with us before. Some procedures may have changed for increased safety and security. Please review operating procedures with your group leader.

Border Watch Duty can be strenuous and demanding. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from participating in some activities please let your group leader know. All information is confidential. We will help plan an experience for you at the border that is safe and rewarding.


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